Disaster Management

Rehabilitation Of Victims Of Natural Disasters

MWF distributes relief goods in North Waziristan

Minhaj Welfare Foundation dispatches 12,000 packets of relief goods for IDPs MWF distributes relief goods among 12,000 displaced families of North Waziristan

MWF distributes relief goods of worth Rs. 6 million in Thar

MWF distributes relief goods of worth Rs. 6 million in Thar Minhaj Welfare Foundation reaches out to the drought-hit families of Tharparkar


Flood Relief Campaign 2010

MWF Latest Figures of Relief Campaign 2010 Relief activities of MWF in Rajan Pur, Trag Sharif, Essa Khail and Nowshera
Minhaj Welfare Foundation starts ambulance service for flood affectees Flood Relief Activities of Minhaj Welfare Foundation
Relief and rescue activities of Minhaj Welfare Foundation MQI Leaders Spend Independence Day with the Flood Affectees
Minhaj Welfare Foundation dispatches ten truckloads of relief goods for flood victims Minhaj Welfare Foundation dispatches 7 more trucks to the flood affected areas
Minhaj Welfare Foundation establishes medical camp in Swat & Charsadda Minhaj Welfare Foundation organizes children walk
Dr Muhamamd Tahir-ul-Qadri cancels Itikaf 2010 for the help of flood affectees MQI’s volunteers leave for flood affected areas
German TV Channel ZDF organizes a Live Program for flood affected in Pakistan Minhaj Welfare Foundation spends Rs. 120 million on flood victims
Distribution of Food Package under MWF in Charsadda Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League kicks off flood relief campaign
Relief activities of Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League for flood victims Mobile Flood Relief Float Launched in Karachi by MWF (Lyari Town)
Special ‘Sehri’ and ‘Iftari’ program at Minhaj Tent Settlement (Akoara Khattak) Third Caravan of Minhaj Welfare Foundation Lodhran leaves for affected areas
Relief activities of Minhaj Welfare Foundation Faisalabad for flood victims MQI Lyari, Karachi, Distributes Relief Goods
MWF distributes cash and other gifts among flood victims in Charsadda Eid with flood victims: The diary of a worker
MQI leaders with Noshehra Flood Affectees on the Eve of Eid MQI Daska spends Eid day with flood victims
Relief activities of Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League for flood victims MES launches Minhaj Tent School in Noshehra & Akora Khattak
Minhaj Women League organizes Flood moot Marriage ceremony held in Minhaj Tent Settlement Akora Khattak under MWF
Minhaj Welfare Foundation ongoing efforts: Winter Project MWF Faisalabad thanks donors for flood victims for their generous help
Minhaj Welfare Foundation launches rehabilitation plan President of Reflection Project visits under-construction homes for flood victims
MWF distributes keys of houses & cheques among Flood victims MWF marries off ten flood-hit couples
MWF kick-starts relief campaign for flood affectees of Sindh Marriage ceremony of ten flood affected couples under MWF
MWF hands over keys of constructed houses to the flood victims of Muzzafar Garh, Kot Addu MWF distributes keys of houses among flood victims of Balochistan
Monitoring Committee inspects under-construction houses for flood victims  

Rehabilitation of Swat IDPs (MAY 2009)

Complete Report of Relief Activities Under Minhaj Welfare Foundation Swat IDPs return home
‘Help Caravan’ of Minhaj Welfare Foundation reaches its destination Minhaj Welfare Foundation’s Relief Activities for IDPs
MQI's 'Fund Collection Campaign' Continues Minhaj Welfare Foundation sends relief goods of worth Rs. 3 million for Swat IDPs
‘Help Caravan’ of Minhaj Welfare Foundation start its journey Children Take Part in Fund Collection Campaign
Appeal of donation for Swat IDPs Shaykh-ul-Islam’s message to workers and MQI chapters about rehabilitation of Swat IDPs
MWF to make all-out efforts for rehabilitation of IDPs Relief Camp for (IDPs) - MQI Lyari Town, Karachi

Balochistan Earthquake (2008)

Donate for Quake-affected People of Balochistan MWF sends relief goods of Rs. 10 million to quake-hit areas

Kashmir Earthquake (2005)

More than 85 Trucks sent by MWF in the past 4 days NAMAZ e JANAZAH was prayed by Shaykh ul Islam Dr Tahir ul Qadri today
22 trucks were sent today by MWF MWF : 5 Million Rupees for Earthquake Fund
MINHAJ CAMP VILLAGE === For the homeless 16 more trucks were sent today by MWF
MWF Relief Efforts Enters 2nd Phase Detailed Tour by Delegation of Minhaj ul Quran
More Tent Villages Were Setup Establishment of Schools and Islamic Centers in Earthquake Affected Areas.
Supervisory committee visits under-construction school in Muzzafarabad MWF holds prayer ceremony to mark anniversary of earthquake 2005

Minhaj Welfare Foundation Helps the Victims of Gaza (2009)

Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri launches Relief Fund for the Palestinians Gaza Conference and resolution by political leaders
Minhaj Welfare Foundation dispatches relief goods for Ghaza Minhaj Welfare Foundation UK Helps the Victims of Gaza
MWF: Gaza Humanitarian Assistance Gaza Appeal: Emergency Crisis

MWF reaches out to victims of Syrian crisis

SSYRIA Emergency Relief Appeal MWF reaches out to victims of Syrian crisis
Fundraiser-Syria Passion for Humanity