The poverty line starts at Rs. 457 per head monthly and the average income of 40% of Pakistan's population is less than that. About 60 million people are deeply mired in the web of poverty. The result of unjust distribution of resources is that a small minority has usurped the resources. To top it all, dearness has pushed the common man even further in the blind alley of poverty, destitution and helplessness.

The number of people under ones economic dependence is increasing because of rising rate of unemployment. Today 100 people are economically dependent on 65 people, while in view of increasing economic difficulties by 2018, 100 people will be economically dependent on 40 people. According to 1998 census, the ratio of unemployment in Pakistan was 19.7% including male unemployment rate at being 20.2% and female rate at 5.1%. In the same way, Pakistan's situation is not better in the field of health. The cost of treatment has risen so tremendously that it has become next to impossible for common man to get medical treatment within affordable cost. There is no denying the fact that the daily income of 74% population is less than 2 dollar a day, while the wages of a worker stand at 4000 a month at the official level. In the last five years, the economic burden has increased on the poor and middle classes.

The price hike noted in last five years in commodities like rice, ghee, sugar, flour, meat and mutton is 200%, 110%, 50%, 40%, 150% and 100% respectively. There are innumerable families where children cannot even see fruit leave alone eating it. Keeping this situation in view, Minhaj Welfare Foundation started the Bait-ul-Maal Fund on monthly basis for extending help to the poor and less privileged sections of society. Bait-ul-Maal is of huge importance in Islamic society. It is an institution for the rehabilitation of the poor and helpless people. Minhaj Welfare Foundation launched its project of Bait-ul-Maal in the light of Islamic teachings so that the deserving people should be helped out. Such people are given financial help who may be able to get out of economic worry with one dose of help for example:

  • Help for establishment of small business
  • Provision of medicine for treatment
  • Financial help for the marriages of girls
  • Provision of ration etc
  • Provision of unemployment


A written application is required on a prescribed application format. The person has to provide the photo-copies of the relevant documents with the application. Our representative verifies it himself and aid is finally approved by the welfare board. Following expenditures have been incurred on the following areas since inception:

  • Medical treatment Rs. 41, 61, 500
  • Dowry Fund Rs. 36, 38, 852
  • Financial help Rs. 39, 78, 367
  • Total Rs. 1, 17, 78, 719