Collective Marriages

collective marriages

Through whatever lens one looks at the third/developing world. It isn’t just the economical or political tensions that stir the current climate. Social-Cultural hindrances are also taking away the rights of equality amongst certain groups.

Many citizens from rural areas are unable to enjoy the prospect of marriage and of beginning a family. Ignorance and back-breaking cultural constraints such as ridiculously high dowries and extortionate demands from the Groom’s side alienate some families of ‘brides to be’ from marriage. The lives of parents are consumed by earning in order to meet a large dowry for their daughters, but even then they fall short. The woman is tragically stalled from marrying, from completing half of her faith (Iman). Understandably, the psychological repercussions are depressing, and in the worst cases may lead her parents or even herself to take her own life. Sadly, this is a dark reality affecting many societies RIGHT NOW.

MWF provides a full ceremony carefully planned to include all the ingredients of a joyous occasion. This includes banners, colourful decorations, red carpet, space for over 1000 guests, and most importantly royal treatment of the bride and groom. In summary, MWF provides:

  • A complete dowry for the bride.
  • 50/50 hosting of guests from both sides.
  • A bridal gift consisting of the following:
  • Prayer Mat
  • Holy Quran
  • Sewing Machine
  • TV Set
  • DVD Player
  • Dinner Set
  • Double bed plus bed sheet
  • Covering cloaks
  • Suit Case
  • Suits for bride and groom
  • Gold set
  • Washing machine
  • Pedestal fan
  • 50 Meals


We are currently offering this service in Pakistan. MWF was the first NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) in the history of Pakistan to provide this service, whereby needy couples lacking the financial means to get married are funded.

The desperate need to resolve this crisis has persisted for many years. MWF began this project in 2005. Since then 2650 couples have been married. The total cast of one marriage is Rs. 150,000 to Rs 175,000.

This is a new project established for the sake of relieving the angst, sorrow and, pain of populations. Marriage is ‘Half of Faith’ (Imaan) said the Prophet (Blessings & Peace be Upon him). It is a vital building block of society and our Prophet was sent as a ‘mercy to the whole universe’, He came to relieve the burden off of the whole of Mankind.

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