Emergency Relief

Minhaj Welfare Foundation risk management work promotes an effective humanitarian approach to tackling the escalation of disasters focusing on both the short and long term needs of those affected in disasters.

Our disaster work includes:

Responding when emergencies occur by meeting immediate survival needs, including water, food, shelter and healthcare, with a focus on the particular needs of children and families.
Provision of Education in emergencies; in make-shift camps.

Supporting the long-term recovery of communities, addressing the root causes of vulnerability and making sure that local communities are fully involved in the process.

Minhaj Welfare Foundation has responded to the world’s most devastating disasters since 1989. The MWF Emergency team has provided assistance in disaster occurring situations in Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Palestine, Bosnia, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Indonesia, Japan, Somalia, Kenya, Iraq, Haiti, and Libya.

Support MWF Emergency Relief, donations will help towards relief and emergency work:


Minhaj Welfare Foundation have been working in Pakistan since 1989 to support the country’s poorest and most marginalised communities, from providing essential health services to a quality education and emergency relief in disaster risk areas.

Since 1980, Pakistan has been affected by Drought, Earthquake, Epidemic, Flood, Extreme Temperatures, and Storms. It is estimated that more than 48 million people have been affected after 30 years of disasters, taking away more than 78,000 lives.

With its large volunteer base and regional offices throughout Pakistan, MWF is able to provide immediate ground assistance and humanitarian access in areas where aid is really difficult to reach.

MWF has established relief camps, provided food and clean water, medical supplies and re-built homes and schools for communities affected by disasters.

See how MWF has provided emergency relief in Pakistan over the years: